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Robust and longlasting, ideal for processing big bulks and specifically for the applications of the ready mixed concrete for sale, or of structural concrete production for infrastractures as airport runaways, dam projects etc.

  • Heavy duty Mixing Vat with Omega cross section Optimal Dimensional Ratio with high compactness and a reduced lenght to reduce the mixing time while rimporving the mixing effectivness

  • Lining and wear plates of different materials, thicknesses and hardness ae avaiable ( thermo-hardened steel to Cast iron ). Lining tiles of special design allow rotation of them  from the positions most subject to wear and tear to those less touched by the concrete,  for maximising their use and their lifetime before replacing the whole set.

  • Counter Rotating horizontal Mixing Shafts

  • Robust and precisely machined for the best coupling with the supports.

  • Robust Mixing Arms. Mounting over the Shafts with semicoupling and bolts to allow replacement  of the single arm whenenever needed. The generous cross section provides unparalleled rigidity and sturdiness and ehnances greatly the mixing action by complementing the paddles with added pushing forces on the material to be mixed.

  • Shaft Supporting Groups with top quality bearings and labirinth seals.

  • Heavy duty gearboxes from primary Italian brands

  • Automatic Greasing system for multiple greasing points, complete of sensor to implement a "lack of grease" warning

  • Fine dispersion of bathcing water inside the mixer

  • Pressurized water feed is also available upon request

  • Cover with precisely made flanges for the connection with all the material inlets

  • Inspection hatches with safety limit switches.

  • Manhole with lock and special key-trasfer safety system

  • Hydraulic power pack and safety manual pump for operation in case of power outage

  • Galvanized side gangway to allow easy access to the inspection hatches on the Mixer cover

  • High pressure Automatic Washing System. Available upon request.

  • Torque Converter for dampening the effects of sudden blockages due to the introduction of too big stones. Available upon request.


Cuoghi s.r.l. concrete plants


Cuoghi S.R.L. is part of a Group of Companies  controlled and directed by ALMOIT s.rl.

Registered Office: Via Madonna della Neve, 41 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy- 

Operative Office: Via della Tecnica, 56 - 41122 Modena - Italy 

Tel. (+39) - E-mail: -

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