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The preferred and ideal solution for Precast applications.

Effective in mixing with all the concretes, and particularly with the dry ( low slump ) ones.

  • Round section heavy duty vat with planar bottom.

  • Lining and wear plates of different materials, thicknesses and hardness are avaiable ( from thermo-hardened steel to Cast iron ).

  • Single or Double motorization ( according to the size of the Mixer )

  • High Quality Planetary gearbox with ring gear, satellites and sun gear.

The satellite-like movement of the arms with the combination of an eccentric rotation  and  a revolution (around the mixer geometric axis ) sweeps in a few turns the all of the volume and allows the most effective mixing for the production of the most homogeneus mixes.

  • Single or Double Mixing Spider ( according to the size of the Mixer ), each one carrying three mixing arms

  • Additional Scraping arms to clean the inside of vertical round walls

  • fine dispersion of water

  • Pressurized water feed is also available upon request

  • Cover with precisely made flanges for the connection with all the material inlets

  • Inspection hatches with safety limit switches.

  • manhole with lock and special key-trasfer safety system

  • Hydraulic power pack and safety manual pump for operation in case of power outage

  • High pressure Automatic Washing System. Available upon request.


Cuoghi s.r.l. concrete plants


Cuoghi S.R.L. is part of a Group of Companies  controlled and directed by ALMOIT s.rl.

Registered Office: Via Madonna della Neve, 41 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy- 

Operative Office: Via della Tecnica, 56 - 41122 Modena - Italy 

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