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Concrete production, as many other industrial processes, is a source of pollution.

Local laws and regulations establish that, in order to reduce the impact of the cement dust emissions, a Concrete Plant must be provided with Filtering systems.



Due to the non mixed nature of the product, at the concrete truck loading points on the Dry plants these emissions are particularly abundant and therefore specific dust-capture cabins and suction systems must be applied.

  • Dust suction Cabin

    • 3 sided cabin with walls made of steel sheeting fixed on a counter-frame

    • complete with a stripdoor in the front.

    • The cabin  encloses the Dry Leg Chute and the rear of the Concrete Truck with its Concrete Inlet and efficiently capture the dust emissions during the loading.

    • Suction Hood at the top with multiple air intake, and flexible suction pipes

  • De-dusting Filter

    • 6 sq.m filtering Area.

    • Electric Motor – kW.

    • Automatically Self-cleaning at air-jets/vibration.

    • Bottom Dust collecting Hopper with Discharge of the dust collected via a Butterfly Valve or a screw conveyor.

    • Steel supporting frame for installation on the ground or at a height.

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