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Output ranges from 134 to 240 m3/h of compacted concrete.

We boast having supplied many high production Wet concrete mixing plants which have been used in the most prestigious projects.

We proud ourselves of honest stating the production capabilities of all our plants.

We refer to DIN1045 for our calculations and we never mix-up fresh concrete and compacted concrete outputs - Cycletime diagrams are available for each one of our models.

Our High Production Wet Plants offers all the basic features of our plants plus one or a combination of the following elements for the enhanced output :

  • Double scales for simultanous weighing – available for both Aggregate and Binders.

  • Wide belt conveyor, 1000 or  1200mm, with adequate flow rate

  • Multiple operating screw conveyors for increased flow rate.

  • Aggregate Stand-by ( Waiting ) Hopper. A full load of aggregate is ready for a quick discharge once that the Twin Shaft Mixer will have been emptied.

  • Double Chute under the Twin Shaft Mixer to avoid the idle time due to alternation of the Concrete trucks.

  • Concrete Holding Hopper under the Twin Shaft Mixer. A slowly fed Concrete-Truck does not prevent the mixing of a new batch of concrete in the Twin Shaft Mixer.

Please contact us to know more about our solutions with high productions.


Cuoghi s.r.l. concrete plants



Cuoghi S.R.L. is part of a Group of Companies  controlled and directed by ALMOIT s.rl.

Registered Office: Via Madonna della Neve, 41 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy- 

Operative Office: Via della Tecnica, 56 - 41122 Modena - Italy 

Tel. (+39) - E-mail: -

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