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Our Dry plants have productions ranging from  20 to 120 m3/h

The Dry Concrete plants are dosing stations complete of everything but the Mixing unit.

All the ingredients are weighed and discharged through a chute and then into the Concrete Truck, where the mixing takes place.

  • 3,4,5 or 6 Aggregate Bins.

  • Central or Side Aggregate Extraction.

  • Aggregate Feed to the Concrete Trucks by Belt Conveyor.

Belt can be in-line or perpendicular to the aggregate bins group

  • Digital Scales for Aggregate , Cement with high precision load cells system.

  • Water metered or weighed

  • Full safety equipment for conformity to the Safety Standards,including guards, fences, locks with limit switches and key-transfer systems for the inspection hatches and the man-holes, safety rope pull swicthes for the belt conveyors, emergencystop red-head mushroom button  on the control board, etcetera.

  • Electric Control Board for both automatic and manual ( emergency) plant operation.

  • Automated Plant Control System :

    • PC + PLC SCADA system

    • Plant operation and monitoring

    • diagnostyc and management of the Alarms

    • Printing of Concrete Delivery Bills (customizable) and of the production reports

    • Access to the Database and generation of complete statystics regarding : clients, mix designs, produced batches, concrete trucks, raw materials and consumables, etcetera.

  • Remote Assisance package via Team Viewer.

  • Admixture batching units

  • Moisture metering for the sands (Microwave or capacitive sensors), with compensation of the batched water.

Cuoghi s.r.l. concrete plants



Cuoghi S.R.L. is part of a Group of Companies  controlled and directed by ALMOIT s.rl.

Registered Office: Via Madonna della Neve, 41 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy- 

Operative Office: Via della Tecnica, 56 - 41122 Modena - Italy 

Tel. (+39) - E-mail: -

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