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Our Roller compacted plants have productions up to 400 m3/h

Roller compacted Concrete or sub-base is a material used as a substrate for infrastractures as roads, dams, Airport Runaways and others.

For this application we can offer both batching plants or continous plants.

The first ones are preferred when  higher precisions on the dosages must be achieved, while the second ones are for the higher outputs.

Some of the optional features of our RCC Continuous plants :

  • Minimized Height Plant Configuration ( Option) with the Pugmill Mixer on a skid mount and a concrete discharge belt conveyor

  • Loading points with Concrete Holding Hopper for quick Trucks filling (Option)

  • dynamic weighing idlers (Option)


Turn your RCC plant into an Cold Mix Regenerated Asphalt Plant  with this ADD-ON!

For your asphalts you can bring to the highest levels the recyling by replacing even 100% of the aggregates with Asphalt millings. Without heat, by a mere cold mix process these are combined with a bitumen emulsion and mixed in our Pugmill mixer into an end product. The bitumen emulsion reactivate and rejuvenates the residual and latent properties of the reclaimed asphalt.

The production of Asphalt made with our plant is different from that ( hot mix Asphalt) of the traditional technologies  in the following aspects:

  • complete absence of heatening processes, both for the aggregates and for the bitumen. This results in safer working environments and conditions, a strong reduction of fuel consumption and the almost complete elimination of emissions into air.

  • mixes are made using up to 100% of reclaimed materials, instead of the 30% which is typical of the warm processes.This implies a double advantage:

1. recover big quantities of waste material, which differently either would have not a proper and full use of their residual properties and qualities or ,worst still, would be destined to disposal in landfills.

2. preserve the precious quarry aggregates

  • the possibility of executing all the phases of the production process directly at the site, with advantages in terms both of speed and of reduction of the vehicular traffic from and toward the site.

  • The reduction of the transports both helps the economicity of the project and allows to a more armonious coexistence between the site and the surroundings

  • Also the time betweeen the end of the mixing and the compatation of the asphalt is mimimized

Cuoghi s.r.l. concrete plants



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