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The CHTT is a High-Shear Colloidal Turbo-Mixer for the production of High Quality Concrete with a two-steps mixing.

The CHTT  pre-blends the water, the cement and the addtives , to produce a pre-hydrated cement paste which is then pumped to the loading point of a dry concrete plant, or into the mixer of a wet or precast concrete plant.

Here the paste blends with the aggregates in a perfectly mixed  concrete.

The CHTT allows to get a perfect hydration of the cementitous particles, offering significant benefits over conventional concretes, such as higher compressive strengths or the possibility of achieving cement saving not compromising on the the mechainical characteristics.

The CHTT goes beyond the limits of the traditional mixing technologies, where all the range of stationary mixers and the concrete trucks provide a coarse mixing action which is generally not sufficient for a perfect dispersion of the particles of cement and of the other binders ( fly ash or silica).

In these situations only the external surface of the cement lumps is exposed to water, while the inner volum remains dry and this results in an incomplete hydration.

The CHTT, combining the typical mixing of the Collidal Mixer , which consits in the recirculation of the mixture provided by a high shear centrifugl pump, with that of the addtional mechanical stirrer,  capable of adding turbulence , allows the complete disagglomeration of each cement lumps and makes its free surface completely available for the reaction.

In other words the CHTT perfects the mixing action and acts as a catalyst/enhancer for the hydration.

The Advantages Of The CHTT In A Nutshell

  • Perfect mixing of the components and increased homogeneity of the concrete.

  • Concrete with higher comprehensive strength and better workability.

  • Real saving of the Cement.

  • Optimization of the admixture performances due to the high-shear mixing of water and cement.

  • Better pumpability of the concrete.

  • Ideal for the production of self-compacting concrete (SCC).

  • Possibility of producing homogeneously colored concrete

  • Easy Retro-fitting of the existent batching plants – no modifications required.

  • Wear and tear and maintenance costs almost nonexistent.


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